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The Big Picture of Photography: Social Functions Explained

Learn why people photograph: motives, functions and actions behind and in front of the cameraphone

What will you learn?

  • Understand why it is important for people to carry and use a camera phone all the time

  • Help analyse by self-reflection photographic behaviour of your self and others

  • Discover how photography as practice has changed from analogue to digital

  • Evaluate contemporary social and cultural functions of photography for clarity in thinking and discussions

  • Apply the course teachings to real life for more manageable photographic behaviour


Who is this course for?

  • Active camera phone users

  • Social media users, influencers and people working with online marketing

  • People that do photographic sharing with distant relatives and friends

  • Anyone interested in community and group dynamics in relation to sharing photographs

  • Someone who wants to manage and improve their online image

  • People who have come across inappropriate behaviour concerning online photo sharing


The Big Picture of Photography: Social Functions Explained

Course now available on the Udemy course platform!

Would you like to make more sense in the current social media jumble?

You just found the ultimate course for understanding camera phone behaviour from social and cultural viewpoints. Now available in Udemy, this course will improve your social tools and cultural understanding of everyday photography and increase self-reflection abilities concerning photographic thinking. The course is a must for active on-liners, influencers, bloggers and anyone who feels an urge to develop personal knowhow and skills concerning photo sharing.


Let's do this together!  

The demand for the course can be noticed in everyday conversations as people talk about photography arbitrarily; photographic technical details, malicious remarks regarding a revealing image, business ideas, personal proficiency and therapeutic goals get mixed up easily in just few sentences making the discussion difficult to follow. In general, we all participate in everyday photography using our cell phones, but very few have structure and logical train of thought in analyzing this mundane topic. This course will change your thinking for a lifetime.


During the course, Dr. Näsi will summarize the development of amateur photography from film to digital times and help understand the shift in the use and role of photography. Thereafter, it is explained, what different possibilities there are to approach non-professional photography, with a goal to making photographic understanding and discussions more structured. You will also discover the 4 basic functions of vernacular photography and how they change our social thinking and behavior in front and behind the camera.


The aim is to help participants have a better understanding on smartphone photography from various viewpoints and thus increase self-reflection abilities concerning photographic thinking and behavior. The practical contribution Includes tools for self-disclosure as an amateur photographer who participates in photo sharing and photo consuming on social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin and so on.


The course is available in Udemy, click here to get started!

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