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Navigating the Visual with Simplicity

Visual Discussions gathers together various contemporary visual communication topics. The best way to get started is to get to know the course offerings on Udemy. This is the place where everyday visual world is discussed and taught in the form of short online courses.

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The Ultimate Guide for Photographic Self-Disclosure - July 2024


Visual storytelling July 2024

Visual Discussion Story

Visual Discussion, first only a scientific term that I created for my doctor's thesis has transformed into a concept of visual learning and development. Based on my research and working life experience as a brand and communication director for companies and the third sector, my goal is to build online courses that cover visual communication topics from unanticipated and fresh viewpoints.

Today, working as a researcher at the University of Lapland on the Arctic Circle, I bring topics to the grand public in an understandable way: Issues that we typically discuss among my colleagues. For example, remote work, digitalisation and AI are not just technological inventions, but they change human behaviour inside out. You and me are all the time aware of the cellphone presence. This includes potential and risks, but most of all, it affects the way we feel, think and act.

You'll find top-notch online courses in visual communication, remote leadership, community interaction, photography, video and representation. The courses are available on the Udemy course platform.

This site was started in summer 2024.

Video Courses

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